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Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Coating
Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Coated Mixers, used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and feed, have been developed to precisely incorporate additives into pelleted products. These machines are a multifunctional production unit,
The unit simultaneously maintains a maximum vacuum environment below absolute 50 mbar, while slowly suspending the additives in the air. The spray system combined with the unit sprays the adjusted amounts of liquid onto the granular product or powder pellet. A vacuum area is created in the mixer and the liquids are equally distributed to each particle. After the main methods, there are also user alternatives such as various flavors or extra coating powders.

Features: Usage areas:
Maximum vacuum values Cat dog food facilities 
100% safe maintenance covers Fish feed plants
Low energy consumption
Various options for adding liquid
Automatic butterfly sideways at goods entry and exit
Lock system for doors
Spare parts and customer service
Versatile operation
Reducing product waste
Increasing energy density
Maintaining the pellet durability index