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Micro Dosing

Micro Dosing
Micro Dosing

The correct weighing system, consisting of steel construction, has dust absorption feature to prevent dust from passing through the silos. There is a pneumatic flap at the outlet to prevent product spillage. The flexible dosing scale can dose even small quantities. The weighed product is sent to the mixer with the help of the precision measuring system and pneumatic butterfly valves in the dosing scale.

Dosing and highly accurate weighing are very important for the quality of the mix, however it is also important to use the optimal and correct dosage of high-priced microelements in your operation. It increases the competitiveness in the market area by reducing the production costs. It saves you both time and high cost.

Features: Usage areas:
Fully automatic controlled process Micronutrients
High accuracy weighing Vitamin dosing
Variable formulation and structure Importance of Weighing : 
Dustproof design Thanks to the different diameter dosing auger, weighing precision and accuracy are ensured. Flexible connection is used in order not to affect the weighing. Frequency inverter adjustment is made by changing the helix revolutions. Micronutrients are weighed sequentially and dosed into the scale.
Reliable operation
Lower costs
Precise proportioning
Working in a coordinated way
Fin-dosing feeder for maximum accuracy