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It is used to cool the hot feeds coming out of the pellet press according to the ambient temperature. It works on the principle of counter airflow. The outside air is brought into contact with the feed in the cooler and while the feed temperature decreases, the heated air is removed from the environment by aspiration. The cooled feed is discharged by the discharge system of the cooler. According to the product, the discharge system is selected as grate or hydraulic flap. The discharge system is adjustable and works in accordance with the capacity.

The heat is controlled by the levels on the body. The feed powders in the hot air going to the aspiration unit are sent back to the system by the cyclone. After the cooler, the pellet feed hardens. Thus, dusting in packaging is prevented and shelf life is extended. There are single or double-deck models.

Features: Usage areas :
Transparent control window It is used in cooling of processed granule products and in feed pelleting lines.
High yield capacity Versatility
Temperature and level indicator The cooling fan can be replaced by speed control due to the ambient temperature.
Air lock system and effective cooling The evacuation system is monitored by level and temperature sensors.
Homogeneous product dispenser system The opening and closing positions for the evacuation system can be adjusted manually or remotely.
Product discharging system with grid model and motor The discharge system in the cooler is suitable for all types of pellets and is clean as there is no product left after it is completely discharged.
Easy assembly with modular body
Robust design with minimal damage and long life
Low energy consumption
Optimum pellet moisture content
Optimal process control