Yerli̇san Maki̇na Ltd. Şti.

Taşıma Ekipmanları, Eleme Makineleri, Öğütücüler, Karıştırıcılar,

Şartlandırıcılar, Coaters, Dozajlama Üniteleri, Ekstrüder, Kurutma Ve Soğutma


Established in Denizli in 2004, Yerlisan has been a solution partner to the giant companies of the sector until today, and its quality products are produced in a wide industrial range, in high demand. Sti. It aims to increase the quality day by day with its specialized staff by increasing its production capacity.

On the way we set out to produce the production of all machines in the feed process completely domestically, we have experienced the pride of establishing many turnkey factories that have produced dozens of machines so far.
We are working to serve you better with our open structure and our experience that we add every day. Our export volume reached 60% and continues to grow rapidly. Yerli̇san Makina Ltd., which has not lost its excitement since 2004. Şti. continues its technological investments rapidly, always saying “there must be more”.